Jacque Istok

Jacque Istok is the President of Professional Innovations, Inc. (PII), a high technology firm developing and executing corporate strategies to provide strategic product roadmaps, integration and management services to a variety of clients. His insight has led directly to an increase in client revenue, profitability, and stakeholder equity. Jacque has driven year over year revenue growth well over 200% for PII, and has expanded its interest beyond business intelligence and the data warehouse focus where it started into online application development and social marketing.

Jacque Istok and his development teams have been recognized by Informix, Hyperion, and Oracle (leaders in the “IT” sector) and they consistently deliver high quality projects. Jacque has served as a consultant to several fortune 500 corporations and federal government entities where he’s worked in the area of business intelligence strategy development and planning. Mr. Istok attended Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute for a dual undergraduate major in computer science and philosophy. He was born in San Diego, CA and currently resides in Boise, ID with his wife and four children.