Features Listing

  • No cost to your customers to receive any recall notification or to verify their actions.
  • No annual fee, No cost for system upgrades, No IT maintenance fee, No support costs for the application.
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive web interface.
  • Recall wizards easily guide Users through Starting recalls, Continuing or Expanding Events, & your Recipients in Verifying their product recall actions.
  • Regulatory Compliance is simplified with reports that are available at the click of a button for compliance effectiveness checks, FDA Reportable Food Registry Safety Report info, consignee lists, etc.
  • Standardized & customizable recall information to each recall recipient with plenty of support communication all in one package.
  • Multiple Items, multiple P.O., and multiple Sell-by-Date capability, plus Lot-Code traceability.
  • Unique & Distinct can be turned on so that each of your customers see only the items you select for them to see. Selectable for ‘just that customer’s unique items or lot codes; or ‘all items to all recipients’.
  • Expand a recall with additional items, lot numbers, or wider distribution.
  • Tailored messages for ‘Affected’ and ‘non-Affected’ recipients.
  • Confirmation is automated back to the recall Starter, with confirmation that their customers received the recall notification message.
  • Multiple communication methods for notification of the product recall to all customers.
  • Fast communication speeds.
  • ScoreCard viewable ‘Real time’ with removed amounts by customer; and automated reporting of recall progress.
  • Inventory & Management Reports to assist with the credit process, resupply, and the recall effectiveness.
  • 24/7/365 Support Center

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