Get My Login Info – Email, Username & Password

When you get an Email, Phone Call, Fax, or Text Message recall notification

It is IMPORTANT to log in and to view all of the recall items & information, plus any attachments in order to take the appropriate action as requested by your supplier.

    • If you received an e-mail or fax notification from your supplier through Recall InfoLink, follow these steps to access your personalized recall information:
      1. For e-mail, simply click the weblink BUTTON that reads: “Click Here for Details”recall login button
      2. If your e-mail has no ‘Button’, simply click the “Red X” that displays. Or, to view the Button, click the words at the top of your email message that read:
        “… to download Pictures, click here…”
             Email Example

      3. If you receive a reminder Fax for a recall, please browse to this website and click “Login” on the black menu bar. Enter your Username & Password that is listed on that Fax notification,
      4. Then review the online recall information, take any actions required by the notice, and then Continue to Step 2 for logging your Quantities for Credit.


    • If you received a telephone call informing you about a recall or market withdrawal:
      1. Please check your Email or Fax for the notice about the event, and log in with the Button or your Username & Password.
      2. If you did not receive an Email or a Fax notice about the event, then:
        1. Check your email SPAM/JUNK Mail Folder, or
        2. Update your recall Contact Information with your Supplier, “Contact Info Update” or
        3. Ask your “IT” Department to check their Spam Filter to allow (“White List”) “”, “”, and “”, (

      3. You can also contact Support for your login information: Recall Support.

      4. Note: To stop the phone reminders for this event, listen to the end and press number #1 or #2 on your phone (#9 repeats the message). That will register you as acknowledging the recall, and will stop future calls about that current recall event. If the message is on your voice mail, log in with your Username & Password. After receiving any notification, log in with the steps listed above.


  • To receive product CREDIT you must log in, handle the recall, then “Continue to Step 2″ and enter your Quantity Removed, (and any Comments and any Attachment if required by your Supplier). Be sure to select “Case” or “Each”, and “Continue/Verify”.


If you need help at any time accessing your information or using the system in any way, you may call or e-mail Recall Support for assistance. Please give your complete Company/Store name and phone number.

Recall InfoLink is available to help any company initiate an active recall or withdrawal event to your own customers.

For recall assistance, please see our Contact Us page.