Notifications, Credit & Active Recall Help

If you received a Recall Notification by Email or Fax, please click “Login” on the Menu Bar above, and enter your Username & Password from that Notification.

If you received a Recall Telephone Call, Please check your Email or Fax and Log In. By pressing #1 on your phone you can Acknowledge the recall and Log In.
After pressing a number on your Phone, you will receive no further calls about that recall Event. Note: pressing a number to a VoiceMail does not work.

If you do not know your Username & Password you may call or email Recall Support for assistance. Please give your complete Company/Store name and phone number.

It is IMPORTANT to Log In to view all of the recall Items & Information, plus any Attachments, and know what to do with the product. You can claim CREDIT for Store Qty Removed right on the “Response” screen.

Recall InfoLink is available to help any company to Initiate an active recall event to your own Customers.

After accepting the standard user license agreement & Fees, you will be able to process your recall quickly and easily using the Wizard system. Call our Support Center, and we will help you get started quickly.

For any recall assistance, please see our Contact Us page.