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An easier way to manage product recalls.

Be Ready, be responsive. 

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What is Recall InfoLink?

Recall InfoLink is transforming the recall process across the supply chain.

Be ready with expert practice techniques.

Be responsive with completely automated recall notification, response, and documentation.

Managing an event needs to be a simple business process instead of a crisis. We are creating Recall Ready Communities™ that are ready and responsive, no matter what.

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  • Mock Recall training so your company is Recall Ready™.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use system to initiate recall events.
  • Self-setup, customizable, 24/7 support.



  • Seamless communication of information across any supply chain for complete Recall Response™.
  • Built-in escalation and re-notification.
  • Real time event progress on interactive scorecard.
  • 100% mobile enabled.



  • Auditable response trail & complete documentation.
  • Internal history & documentation along supply chain.
  • Demonstrable Recall Ready™ Plan to regulators.

Recall Starters

We help you be ready with regular Mock Recall practice so that you can be responsive when a recall event is needed.

No matter where you are in the supply chain, starting an event is simple and standardized. Enter recall data once as a single source of truth for all impacted parties.



Recall Responders

If you are impacted by a recall event, you will immediately receive all the information needed to enable fast removal and reporting. Close the loop with a feedback system that catalogues information receipt and the action taken.


Reports, documentation, and recall history are maintained in a secure account so regulatory compliance and product credits are faster and easier than ever before.




When a product gets recalled, we enable direct notification for consumers.

Mobile App Coming Soon!

What Our Clients Say

We partnered with Recall InfoLink to assist us with this critical business function because they offer so much experience and support. Their system makes our process faster and more complete, and adds value to our retail customers making compliance easier.

- Martin Arter, President/CEO at Affiliated Foods Midwest

The Recall InfoLink system’s simplicity and speed creates efficiencies for AG Baton Rouge, and provides a state-of-the-art system for our member retailers to simplify processes and regulatory compliance.

- Kimberly Hawkins, Corporate Communications Specialist at Associated Grocers

Recall InfoLink's technology lets us speed up and simplify the process of getting recalled products out of the supply chain to protect customers.

- Mark Johnson, VP of Procurement at Unified Grocers

We operate in a connected world with global supply chains. At Recall Infolink, we passionately protect those supply chains by building Recall Ready Communities. These communities help companies ensure they have the needed capabilities to be ready and responsive. A well-performed product recall protects your brand, instills confidence, and builds trust along the supply chain that’s hard to replace.

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