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The industry-leading software and analytics platform for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to manage recalls.

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What is Recall InfoLink?

Recall InfoLink is the premier platform on the market to manage product recalls for food and other products in the supply chain, including: pharmaceuticals, pet and animal products, apparel, electronics, and more. Its easy-to-use interface allows businesses to quickly upload their information about the product(s) being recalled and immediately notify everyone along the supply chain.

Our platform makes it easy to notify consumers about recalled products by allowing businesses to communicate tailored messages to both affected and non-affected customers through multiple channels including: text, email, and our mobile application.

By documenting all recall actions including customer responses to close the loop, Recall InfoLink integrates regulatory compliance directly into its platform, and also allows businesses to conduct mock recalls to ensure their processes are up-to-date. These features translate into assurances for businesses that recalls are handled properly, effectively, and efficiently.

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When a recall occurs, businesses are able to import or upload their data to Recall InfoLink, and are guided every step of the way to ensure accuracy. 

Cloud Based


Recall InfoLink runs in the cloud. This means information regarding recalls can be uploaded and monitored via mobile or desktop, from any location with an internet connnection.

Cost Effective


Recall InfoLink is on-demand, which means no annual or monthly billing. Businesses only pay when a recall is managed on the platform.


Recall InfoLink makes it easy for manufacturers to communicate a factory recall across the entire supply chain to the consumers. With the industry standard data set - Rapid Recall Express - captured within the system, Recall InfoLink is a single solution for all recall processes. This also allows manufacturers to easily track and monitor the status of a recall.




Through multiple communication channels and mobile-enabled data stream in real time, distributors can re-route shipments immediately. The platform also empowers distributors to quickly communicate recalls across the supply chain.



Recall InfoLink speeds the reporting of impacted products through its secure platform to speed up the credit request process.  Documentation and recall history in a secure account for the retailer makes regulatory compliance easier than ever before – all at no cost to the retailer!




When a product a consumer recently purchased gets recalled, Recall InfoLink allows them to be notified immediately through a mobile app, text, email or phone calls based on loyalty card information with their retailer or zip code information linked to their mobile app.

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What Our Clients Say

We partnered with Recall InfoLink to assist us with this critical business function because they offer so much experience and support. Their system makes our process faster and more complete, and adds value to our retail customers making compliance easier.

- Martin Arter, President/CEO at Affiliated Foods Midwest

The Recall InfoLink system’s simplicity and speed creates efficiencies for AG Baton Rouge, and provides a state-of-the-art system for our member retailers to simplify processes and regulatory compliance.

- Kimberly Hawkins, Corporate Communications Specialist at Associated Grocers

Recall InfoLink's technology lets us speed up and simplify the process of getting recalled products out of the supply chain to protect customers.

- Mark Johnson, VP of Procurement at Unified Grocers

In the case of a recall, Recall InfoLink allows its member businesses to notify their affected customers, regardless of whether or not they are member businesses of Recall InfoLink as well. If you have received a notification to register or update your contact information per one of Recall InfoLink's member businesses, please do so by clicking the button below and following the linke

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